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Dr. Stephen J.Hales. D.Th; D.Min; D.D; Dip.B.S.

Phone: 07568196732.


Dr. Alan G.Hales. D.Th; D.D.



Rev. David Goddard. M.Ph.Ed; B.Th; M. Div {Hons}



Evan. Kaycey Kenneth Igwe. (Nigeria)



Pastor. Rosald Alister Daniel



Pastor. Simon Henry Sorguy.



Pastor. Petros Motsi.



Bishop. Richard Charles Norburn.



Rev. Andrew Platts.



Music Minister: Rachel L.Hales.


Evan. Nigel North.



Pastor. Meleta Constantia Dixson.


Rev. Paul Marshall.



Rev. Ruth Charumbira Chidziya.



Rev. Rebecca Eunicie Thomas.



Pastor/Prophet John Balderson.



Rev. Aron Obita Ngoche (Kenya)



Pastor: Edgardo E. Grande Sr  { Phillippines }


Pastor: Obenson Tomas Chisi {Malawi}

New Apostolic Church.


Rev. Konadu Morris Setsoafia. {UK]


Rev. Regina Chisi. {Malawi}


Rev. Lucia Lungu. {Malawi}


Christine Donaldson-Badger. Church Worker.


Philip Donaldson-Badger. Church Worker.


Thomas Donaldson-Badger. Church Worker.













Evan. Charles Thomas William Perkiss.



Evan. David Leslie Minchin.



Pastor. Prince Mandizha.



Evan. Lesley Ann Gilbert.



Bishop. Dr.Delroy Wesley Hall.



Evan. Daniel Stuart Smith.



Gavin Parfitt. [Christian Worker]



Evan. Olujide Olabode.



Pastor. Zdenek Sandor.




Pastor: Ramon J. Dellosa. (Philippines)


Pastor: Joshua Omoro. (Kenya)



Evan: Anna Boardman-Sarjantson.



Evan: Benitta Manuel.




Pastor: Frank Riches.



Barnabas Thomas   (Pakistan)



Pastor: Phillip Melle. ( Nigeria )




Rev. Fredrick Ombati. (Kenya)



Rev. Israel I. Abam. (Nirgeria)


Michelle Fairfax.



Rev. Jaimie Lee-Barron


Tobias S. Wakhungu. (Kenya)


Evan: Patricia Willie.


Prophetess: Raquel Robinson.


Pastor. Christopher Lee Nuttall.

Anita Lydon. Church Worker.


Rebecca Smith. Church Worker.

Carole Atkinson. Church worker

Simon Smith. Church Worker

Philip Broom. Chruch worker




This is by no means a full list of members. Some perfer not to have their name and details on the site.


Due to the possibility of hacking and to ensure the confidentiality of all members I have removed all the e-mail addresses and phone numbers from this page.

If you wish to contact any member of IFCM you can contact me and I will pass on your details to that member, and then it will be up to them whether to contact you or not.

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