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Dr. Stephen J.Hales. D.Th; D.Min; D.D; Dip.B.S.

Phone: 07568196732.


Dr. Alan G.Hales. D.Th; D.D.



Rev. David Goddard. M.Ph.Ed; B.Th; M. Div {Hons}



Evan. Kaycey Kenneth Igwe. (Nigeria)



Pastor. Rosald Alister Daniel



Pastor. Simon Henry Sorguy.



Pastor. Petros Motsi.



Bishop. Richard Charles Norburn.



Rev. Andrew Platts.



Music Minister: Rachel L.Hales.


Evan. Nigel North.



Pastor. Meleta Constantia Dixson.


Rev. Paul Marshall.



Rev. Ruth Charumbira Chidziya.



Rev. Rebecca Eunicie Thomas.



Pastor/Prophet John Balderson.



Rev. Aron Obita Ngoche (Kenya)



Pastor: Edgardo E. Grande Sr  { Phillippines }


Pastor: Obenson Tomas Chisi {Malawi}

New Apostolic Church.


Rev. Konadu Morris Setsoafia. {UK]


Rev. Regina Chisi. {Malawi}


Rev. Lucia Lungu. {Malawi}


Christine Donaldson-Badger. Church Worker.


Philip Donaldson-Badger. Church Worker.


Thomas Donaldson-Badger. Church Worker.













Evan. Charles Thomas William Perkiss.



Evan. David Leslie Minchin.



Pastor. Prince Mandizha.



Evan. Lesley Ann Gilbert.



Bishop. Dr.Delroy Wesley Hall.



Evan. Daniel Stuart Smith.



Gavin Parfitt. [Christian Worker]



Evan. Olujide Olabode.



Pastor. Zdenek Sandor.




Pastor: Ramon J. Dellosa. (Philippines)


Pastor: Joshua Omoro. (Kenya)



Evan: Anna Boardman-Sarjantson.



Evan: Benitta Manuel.




Pastor: Frank Riches.



Barnabas Thomas   (Pakistan)



Pastor: Phillip Melle. ( Nigeria )




Rev. Fredrick Ombati. (Kenya)



Rev. Israel I. Abam. (Nirgeria)


Michelle Fairfax.



Rev. Jaimie Lee-Barron


Tobias S. Wakhungu. (Kenya)


Evan: Patricia Willie.


Prophetess: Raquel Robinson.


Pastor. Christopher Lee Nuttall.

Anita Lydon. Church Worker.


Rebecca Smith. Church Worker.

Carole Atkinson.

Simon Smith




This is by no means a full list of members. Some perfer not to have their name and details on the site.


Due to the possibility of hacking and to ensure the confidentiality of all members I have removed all the e-mail addresses and phone numbers from this page.

If you wish to contact any member of IFCM you can contact me and I will pass on your details to that member, and then it will be up to them whether to contact you or not.

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