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Who are we:


IFCM  was inaugrated by Bible based and respected ministers to facilitate building strong local, and International relationships between Faith and Bible believing ministries, and to develop a spirit of unity and co-operation within the wider church body. A healthy body is more able to fulfil its God given mandate.


So what is the purpose of IFCM?


IFCM is a non-denominational fellowship that is faith based and Spirit orientated to meet the needs of Faith and Charismatic ministers World-Wide. We care about every ministry associated with us at IFCM, a miisterial fellowship which is a trusted home for God's co-workers.

We recognise that many independent and itinerant ministers need a recognised covering for their ministries, we offer that ministerial home. Many of our member ministers have been ordained with others fellowships and denominations, for them, we can transfer credentials. Others might require ordination and this is done relationally with the process being inatiated by the completion of the Ministerial Ordination Application [Form MA 0010] Whilst we are keen to process ordination for all those called of God, we will not ordain without a clear witness of the candidates genuine "call" to the ministry.

God is raising up Word and Spirit Churches and Ministries all over the World that teach the Word, and Faith and move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

IFCM provides a link for ministries to attach with so that those ministries can thereafter be a part of a recognised and repected network of Bible believing ministers and Christian workers. We also offer valuable ecpertise for our members, at times we are an important point of reference, from our extensive pool of experience we offer a Biblical perspective to guide and advise when needed.




Membership is offered on four levels:

(1) To all Ordained Ministers: IFCM will recognise those who are in good standing and already have ordination with other organisations. Their ordination will be carried over to IFCM.

(2) To anyone is involved in Christian ministry, but not in the five-fold ministry.

(3) A licence to minister can be given to all qualifying lay workers.

(4) Churches can affiliate with the fellowship keeping their autonomy and non-denominational status whilst having all the benefits of being in an International Christian communion.


Members will have to agree with the articles of Faith of IFCM. Ministerial Members will receive an IFCM ministerial credentials card and a certificate annually. All ministers will be encouraged to attend the annual conference and any regional meetings during the year.


(Fellowship fee for individuals is £25.00 per year and £50.00 for churches which can be paid online by clicking the subscribe button. In the case of the official fellowship being refused the monies will be refunded. In addition many in IFCM contribute significantly more, we would welcome your God directed seed to be sown in the good soil of IFCM.)




Ordination will be bestowed upon applicants who meet the criteria of IFCM and the Executive Board. An application form with full ministerial background plus ministerial references is required.If the initial application is successful the applicant will then be invited to meet with the Executive board or representatives thereof. (Please fill in the appropriate application forms).




1. To further the Gospel and teaching of Christ.

2. To bring unity and co-operation among various non-denominational Bible believing Ministries.

3. To provide fellowship and ministry interchange between members.

4. To provide mentoring and training for ministers.

5. To offer ordination for qualifying ministers.

6. To provide spiritual protection and a sense of belonging to its members.

7. To provide a means whereby new ministers can establish their ministry through mentoring, fellowship and wider opportunities to minister.

8. To hold and annual convention and area meetings for the purpose of fellowship, teaching and opportunities to minister.

9. To restore ministers that have fallen or who have been out of the ministry for any reason, and to help them rediscover their anointing and calling.

10. IFCM foster the idea of providing members with a local forum to share and minister together.


Through its various purposes, IFCM will encurage, teach, train and impart spiritual truth, and the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit to its members.


To apply for membership you can CLICK the application LINK and fill in the form to request an application form, or write to the address below.



82 Warmley Road


M23 9DQ




A copy of the by-laws is available upon request.





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